Comic Strip Using Microsoft Word:

  1. Start Microsoft Word and save your document as: YOUR NAME - Comic Strip
  2. Change the Page Orientation (under File / Page Setup) to Landscape. Change the Top, Bottom, Left & Right Margins to .75 and click the OK button.
  3. Is your Drawing Toolbar on the bottom of the Word window? If not, click on View / Toolbars / Drawing to get it to display.
  4. Using the Rectangle on the Drawing Toolbar, draw a box into your document.
  5. Resize the box to 2.5" square by double-clicking on the box and going to the Size Tab and changing the size to 2.5 inches for both the height and the width.
  6. Copy and paste the square you created 5 times so that you end up with 6 boxes - your original and 5 copies. Do you know how to do this?
    • Click on the square
    • Then click on the Copy Icon in the Standard Toolbar; the Copy Icon looks like 2 sheets of the paper and is located just to the right of the scissors.
    • Then click on the Paste Icon in the Standard Toolbar 5 times; the Paste Icon looks like a clipboard with a piece of paper on top and is located just to the right of the Copy Icon.
  7. Move your squares around to create 2 rows with 3 boxes in each row and align the boxes to the right of the page by moving them into position.
  8. If you would like your panels to have a colored background, click on each square and use the Fill Tool in the Drawing Toolbar to add color to the background. Save your work - just click on the Save Icon located on the Standard Toolbar; it's the one that looks like a floppy disk.
  9. Now, it's time to name your comic strip. The name of your comic strip will be located on the left-hand side of your panels and will be vertical. To create your name:
    • Insert Word Art (a link to Word Art is included on the Drawing toolbar) and format your text the way you would like.
    • Then, on the Word Art Toolbar, click the icon that has Ab to the side and down. This will make your title vertical instead of horizontal.
    • Resize the title as needed and move it to the left of your boxes.
    • Save your work!
  10. Add pictures to each of your boxes to tell your story by clicking on the box and adding either clip art (click on the man in the Drawing toolbar to access clip art) or drawing a picture using the Auto Shapes tools on the Drawing toolbar. Each box needs at least one picture that relates to the theme of your comic strip. If using clip art, resize as needed to fit inside the boxes. It's okay if part of your picture extends outside the box in some cases. And, save your work!
  11. Now, it's time to add the dialogue to your comic strip.
    • Click on Auto Shapes on the Drawing Toolbar
    • Then click on Callouts to select an appropriate speech or thought bubble for any of the panels where this is appropriate in your comic strip. The Cloud Callout is commonly used in comic strips. NOTE: You must have at least one callout in your comic strip.
    • Size each callout to fit correctly inside each box (or extending outside the box where appropriate) and pull the yellow diamond on the callout toward the character who is thinking or talking.
    • Callouts work just like text boxes so once each callout is sized correctly just type in it to add your text. You can change font styles, font sizes, colors, etc.
    • And, it's time to save your work again.
  12. Add a Text Box to the bottom right-hand side of the page. Select the white box with the little “A” in it from the Drawing Toolbar at the bottom for this. Center your text and using any readable font that you wish enter the following data into the text box:
    • Line 1 - Your First & Last Name
    • Line 2 - Today's Date
    • Line 3 - Your Grade
  13. Save your work!
  14. If there's time, create a small logo for yourself using multiple Auto Shapes from the Drawing Tool. For example, if you wanted to draw a face you could:
    • Use the circle in Auto Shapes to draw a large circle. Hint: If you draw a circle while holding the shift key, it will be a perfect circle rather than an oval.
    • Using the circle again, draw 2 small circles for eyes and a small circle for a nose.
    • Add ears using 2 additional small circles. Click on each ear and then click on Draw and then on Order and then on Send to Back to put the ears behind the head shape.
    • Draw a mouth using the moon shape. Then click on the rotate tool on the Drawing Toolbar and rotate it so it looks like a mouth and move it into position.
    • Add hair using the lightning bolt or the scribble tool or any other drawing tool you'd like.
    • Double click each part that you drew and add color, gradients, etc.
    • Once you have all the "parts" done, you should group them together by clicking the main part (the head in this example) and then holding the shift key and clicking the other parts. Then click on Draw and Group. Now you can resize and move your "logo" as a single item.
  15. Save & print your comic strip!