8th Grade

8th Grade Technology

September 21st:

  • Complete your self-portrait in Pinta:
    • Save your self-portrait as 8th-YourName-Portrait in your folder (ask how to create this when you save!)
    • Open & copy template and then copy & paste it into a new image in Pinta:
    • Draw the outline of your head, neck & shoulders on a new layer - do NOT fill in with skin color, yet! Do NOT put anything else on this layer.
    • Add a new layer to draw each of your features; you can duplicate a layer to create a similar feature. To get an idea of where each feature should be, check this out.
    • When you are done, delete the template layer and add your skin color to your outline layer
    • Here's how the drawing on the original template turned out.
    • To save layers, save as .ORA file type.

September 19th:

September 14th:

September 12th:

September 7th:

  • Whole Class: Review What You Will Be Doing Today
  • Complete the Student Technology Survey
  • Complete the Start of the Year Keyboarding Speed Tests
    • Go to your sheet and enter your name in cell A1 - First Name ONLY!
    • Click on the Test Name & select the link
    • Do NOT change the settings on the test
    • When the test is done, you will see a message that says "Your typing speed was xx words per minute with xx errors. Your calculated speed is: xx words per minute." Take note of the CALCULATED speed. That is what you will record on the spreadsheet.
    • Take the test twice. Do NOT answer the "Do you want to place your calculated wpm speed on the scoreboard? Instead, use the Reload icon on your browser to reload the test after you have noted your calculated speed.
    • Record the best of your two calculated speeds from the test on your Keyboarding Speed Tests spreadsheet in the Start of the Year column.
    • Add a formula to cell B7 to calculate the average of your speed tests for the start of the year. Read/watch video on this if you need help with this.
Resources You May Need:
When You Are Done:
Keyboarding Lessons & Games:
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