1st Grade Safari Scrapbook

Here's where you can see some of the fun that 1st Grade has had in the computer lab on their adventures in the Cyber Jungle!

Throughout the year, 1st Grade worked on creating an alphabet book by drawing a picture of something starting with a specific letter and writing or typing what they drew. Here's their A-I (plus a few more) Alphabet Book:

March, April & May

For Easter, each 1st Grade student drew a picture of an Easter Egg. This gave them practice with using various features of KidPix. 1st Grade learned about things they can do to help the earth for Earth Day and drew pictures of something they can do to help the earth. They also learned about owls by watching a barn owl and her owlets on live web cam. They then drew their own pictures of owls and completed a series of math problems with an owl theme.

Earth Day




How Tall is a St. Martin's 1st Grader?

1st Grade will be exploring various aspects of height and measuring in conjunction with the on-line collaborative project, How Tall Is A First Grader? The purpose of this project is to collaborate with other first grade classrooms, learn math, reading, and writing skills, find out about each other, and have some fun.

An introduction to the project:

  • Where in the world are the classes that are participating in this project? Let's found out!

View 2009-10 How Tall is a First Grader in a larger map
Clifford: Measuring Up
Curious George: How Tall

Fall Measurements:
St. Martin's 1st Graders were measured the first week of November. We have a TALL class this year:

How do we compare to the other 1st Graders in the project?

Spring Measurements:
St. Martin's 1st Graders were re-measured the second week of April 2010. Did we grow? Yes, we did!

How about the other 1st Graders in the How Tall project? Did they grow too?

Spring Activities:
Each 1st Grader also drew a picture of themselves compared to something the same height as they are or that is taller than they are or shorter than they are. They also wrote a sentence about what they drew and then they recorded their sentences in a VoiceThread:

After completing their pictures, 1st Grade played some measuring games:

During the winter months of December through February, 1st Grade participated in the Winter Wonderland project.


February means Valentine's Day and 1st Grade graphed candy hearts. February 2010 was also about the Winter Olympics and 1st Grade voted for their favorite Winter Olympic Sport and then drew pictures of which Olympic athlete they would be.


After completing the Describe A Snowman activity, each 1st Grade student drew a Winter in 6 Words picture and wrote a 6-word sentence about it. Mrs. Sedgwick created a Mixbook of our words and our pictures and we got a real copy of the book for the classroom too!
Mixbook - Create Beautiful Photo Books and Scrapbooks! | View Sample Photo Books | Create your own Photo Book

1st Grade created their snowmen for the Describe A Snowman activity and Mrs. Sedgwick saved and printed these. 1st Grade then looked at their snowman picture and recorded their description of their snowman using Audacity. Mrs. Sedgwick transcribed the descriptions and posted both the recording and the transcribed description here. 1st Grade then read their partner class' snowman descriptions and recreated their partner's snowmen. Make sure you check out our partner's page and listen to the thank you Voki we made for them.

Snowman Descriptions
Original Snowman
Recreated Snowman
My snowman has brown hair, girl eyes, a carrot nose, a girl mouth and it’s wearing a bikini, regular arms and it’s snowing in the background.

My snowman has brown hair. My snowman also has blue eyes with purple eye shadow and a carrot nose, stick arms and pink lipstick. She also has a red and green scarf and she has stick arms and it’s snowing.

My snowman’s hair are brown and she’s wearing pink sunglasses and she has a carrot nose and coal mouth. And she has a scarf and the scarf is green and red. Her arms are red and white and it’s snowing outside.

My snowman’s hair is brown and her eyes are purple and they have eyelashes and her nose is a bunny nose. It has pink and it has little fur. She has lips that are pink and also her arms are kind of like regular snowman arms and she has a bathing suit top. The weather is snowing.

My snowman has a coat and it’s yellow. It has little tiny buttons and his eyes are blue. His mouth is black and closed and his nose is a carrot and his hat is green and red beanie and his arms are like people’s. The weather is like snowing.

My snowman has a black hat and square black eyes and a carrot nose and dots for his mouth and a tuxedo on and a flower and the hands are sticks and the weather is sunny.

There’s a black hat and there’s blue eyes and there’s a black mask and there’s a carrot nose. The mouth, it’s coal and there’s stick hands and there’s a sheriff vest and it’s snowing outside.

Hi, my name is Joie and my snowman has hair that is brown and eyes that is purple with eyelashes. And, it doesn’t have a nose but it does have lips and a bathing suit with a pink top and the arms are white like arms. And, the background is snowing.

My snowman’s hair is brown and her eyes are pretty eyes that are purple. And, my snowman doesn’t have a nose and the weather is sunny outside and with a few clouds. And, my snowman has a bathing suit top and stick arms and they have red lips.

My hair is brown because it has hair and her eyes is blue and her eyelashes is purple and her arms is sticks and it has kind of like gloves on it. It has almost like a cowboy suit and it’s like a man or something. And, her nose is blue and her lips is pink and the weather is snowy.

My snowman has brown hair. She has curly hair and she has purple eyelashes and she has a blue nose and lips that is pink. And, she has a swimming top on and it’s night time and she has stars in the sky and the moon is shining. My snowman’s arms are like people arms and they’re white.



St. Martin's 1st Grade drew pictures of Christmas and completed Gingerbread Glyphs in Kidpix. The pictures that we drew of Christmas were used to create our Christmas card for the Holiday Card exchange. We have started receiving cards from other schools and are tracking where the cards received are coming from on a map in the Computer Lab and on a Google Map. 1st Grade has also added our voices to the Holiday Traditions VoiceThread and we are enjoying listening to other traditions and looking at other classes' work here on the wiki.

Our Christmas Pictures

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Our Gingerbread Glyphs
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1st-5th Grade learned how to draw turkeys in KidPix. Check out the results!


October was all about Internet Safety and pumpkins. We made Pumpkin Glyphs in KidPix and completed a Pumpkin Math & Science book in PowerPoint.