Time Zone Experiences 2008/09

5th Grade is collaborating with schools from around the globe on the Time Zone Experiences project. St. Martin's 5th Grade is representing California where it is GMT-8 when we are not on daylight savings time (Pacific Standard Time) and GMT-7 when we are on daylight savings time (Pacific Daylight Time).The time portion of this project was completed using Pacific Standard Time.

This has been a project with a lot of learning. 5th grade has learned about GMT and learned about time zones and learned about what their classmates do at specific times during the day and learned about what other 5th graders do around the world at specific times of the day and during the months of the year and learned about wikis and how to edit them and learned how to narrate slides in PowerPoint and more. Here's how all of this was accomplished:
  • The project began by researching GMT and UTC using the following web sites: Merriam-Webster's World Central where each student looked up GMT,, How Stuff Works: Time Zones, UTC GMT Conversion
  • After we had GMT and UTC defined, we reviewed some maps at World Map and USA Map to learn how to convert from GMT time to the time in California.
  • We then took a survey to find out when St. Martin's students get up each morning and when they go to bed at night.
  • After the time information was introduced, we then learned about what a wiki is and how we can edit it and how to avoid a wiki war!
  • After all this, each student was assigned a GMT time which they had to convert to California time. They then wrote a description of what is happening at that time in California. If their time was a time where someone might be waking up or going to bed, they had to include the survey results in their description. Each student also drew a picture of something that would be happening at that time. All of this information was added to to this wiki by each student - just check out the Time Chart below to see the results! There are a few times that no students completed since these were times in the middle of the night.
  • Once the time pages were complete on our wiki, the student updated their time page over on the Time Zone Experiences wiki. Initially, the students were going to update the actual chart on the TZE wiki also but since only one person can edit that at a time we ran into timing problems. So, the chart was updated by Mrs. Sedgwick using the information each student had included on their pages here.
  • After their time pages were complete, students were assigned a month of the year. Some students worked in pairs for this portion of the project. The students were asked to create a script about each month including Monthly Holidays ("real" holidays had to be included and they could include some of the fun days too if they wished), any monthly events that happen at St. Martin's, information about any of the sports we are playing at St. Martin's, the average high and low temperatures and average rainfall for the month and any personal information about things that they or their families do during that month. In addition to the script, a picture was drawn in KidPix to illustrate the month in some way. The picture and script were used to create a narrated slide in PowerPoint. All of the slides have been combined into a presentation about the year. Each student or student pair updated their month page on the Time Zone Experiences wiki with their picture from the month and a link to our presentation.
  • Finally the students reviewed all of the posted information on the Time Zone Experiences wiki and reflected on the project and what they had learned.

Time Chart


Assigned To?

What is happening at this time?


Time Zone Experiences

GMT: 00.00a.m.

Time in California: 04:00p.m.

What are most St. Martin's 5th Graders doing at this time?

Most St. Martin students would be doing homework or studying.
Some would also be watching T.V. On weekends many of the st.martin students would be watching T.V

My Picture:

Usually I would be watching TV at this time


Time Zone Experiences


Time in California:5:00pm

What would most 5th graders be doing at this time?
A lot of students in California would be either playing outside,
playing a game, or getting ready for dinner.
Most 5th graders would be playing games.

My Picture:
In this picture I am playing XBOX 360


Time Zone Experiences


Time in California:6:00pm

What are most St. Martin's 5th Graders doing at this time?

At 6:00pm I might be having dinner or be doing some homework. On weekends I might be going to the movies.

My Picture:St. Martin's Episcopal School

My time is 6:00pm. This is a picture of having dinner


Time Zone Experiences


Time in California:7:00pm

What are most St. Martin's 5th Graders doing at this time?

I would probably be playing Xbox360 or watching television at this time on week days and weekends.Some 5th graders might be finishing up homework or playing on a sports team at this time.

My Picture:

It is 7:00PM at this time California so I would probably be playing xbox360 at this time.


Time Zone Experiences


Time in California:8:00pm

I would be playing the xbox360 or watching tv
with my mom or dad. 25% of StM students would be going to bed
in between 8:00 through 8:59pm on a week night. On weekends or vacations
stm students would not be going to bed yet.

My Picture:

They would probably be watching tv


Time Zone Experiences

GMT: 0500

Time in California 9:00pm

What are most St. Martin's 5th Graders doing at this time?

I would either be finishing watching t.v or getting ready for bed.
On weekends I would be staying up watching t.v over at a friends house or relaxing. Ten people in our class go to bed on school nights. Eight people in our class go to bed on days they do not have school.

My Picture:

Most people would be watching t.v and that's what I did.


Time Zone Experiences

GMT: 0600

Time in California:10:00P.M.

What are most St. Martin's 5th Graders doing at this time?

During school days at 10:00p.m 10 people are almost asleep and 4 of us were already asleep and 2 of us are still awake in our class.During the weekends 9 of us are up for a long time and 4 of us are getting ready to go to sleep and 3 of us like going to bed early on the weekends.

My Picture:

My time is 10pm & people are usually asleep or getting ready for bed at this time.


Time Zone Experiences


Time in California:11:00PM

16 5Th graders would be sleeping on school nights.On the weekend 15 5TH graders be sleeping and 1 up playing video games.
I would be in bed on school nights.On the weekends I might be up playing or watching TV.

My Picture:

I drew this picture because on the weekends I would be up playing video games and on the weekdays I would be asleep in bed.








Time Zone Experiences


Time in California:6:00am

What are most kids at St Martin's
doing at this time?
On a school morning 56.25% of the kids in our class are getting ready for school.
Most kids in California would be sleeping at 6:00am on weekends and vacations

My Picture:

I drew a bedroom because most kids are sleeping at this time


Time Zone Experiences

GMT 15:00pm

Time in California:7:00am

What are most St. Martin's 5th Graders doing at this time?

When I go to school 37.50% of kids in my class wake up to go to school during this hour including me.On the weekends 18.75% are waking up On the weeked I sleeping in.

My Picture:

What I drew was when I was waking up at 7:00 am in California.


Time Zone Experiences


Time in California: 8:00AM

What are most St. Martin's 5th Graders doing at this time?

Our time 8:00 am Pacific Standard Time.Most of the kids in California are in school at this time during a school year.On a Saturday during a school year 12.50% of the the people in my class are waking up, or getting ready & on a Sunday morning 37.50% are getting ready or waking up & on a day when there's no school the next day 25.00% are waking up or getting ready. On a weekend 68.75% are sometimes doing sports going to church or ect. 25.00% are do activities on weekends & 6.25% don't do activities on weekends.

My Picture:

I drew this picture because at this time most kids are in school.


Time Zone Experiences


Time in California:9:00 AM

All of the 5th graders would be in school on the weekdays doing English.31.25%would be waking up on the weekends.

I would be in school on the weekdays.On the weekends I would be brushing my teeth.

My Picture:

The picture I drew is when I'm brushing my teeth.


Time Zone Experiences

GMT:18:00 P.M

Time in California:10:00 A.M

What are most St. Martin's 5th Graders doing at this time?

Monday we are at music.Sat-Sun most
people are asleep or watching t.v. at 10:00
most people relax or go out.about for 4 people
wake up at 10:00 on sat-sun morning

My Picture:



Time Zone Experiences


Time in California:11:00am

When I am in school I would be at recess.
If it is the weekends I would be playing a game.
If I was in a vacation I would be in Florida or Cuba playng a game.

My Picture:

If it was 11:00am not at school I would be playng the Xbox 360.


Time Zone Experiences


Time in California:12:00pm

What are most St. Martin's 5th Graders doing at this time?

Most of the time we are going to have lunch or we are doing math.Sometimes we are praying before we have lunch at 12:15,or going to Burger King at 12:00. We also may be at Skateland on the weekends with our friends.

My Picture: St.Martin's Episcolal School

We might be doing history at this time.


Time Zone Experiences

GMT 21:00am

Time in California:1:00pm

When I'm at school at this time I am most likely writing notes or in computers.
When I'm not at school I'm probably playing a video game.

My Picture:

I play this at this time on the weekends.


Time Zone Experiences


Time in California:2:00pm

What are most St. Martin's 5th Graders doing at this time?

At 2:00 we are doing history.On Thursdays we have computers. But on the days, when I'm not in school at 2:00 I'm hanging out at my house.

My Picture:

My picture is showing a history book because we are doing history.


Time Zone Experiences

23:00 GMT Time

Time in California 4:00pm Pacific Standard Time

What are most St. Martin's 5th Graders doing at this time?

I will be getting out of school. Week ends I will be playing
or I will be at a game.

My Picture:

This is me walking to my car.