Grade Level: 4th
Subject Area: Social Studies

Students will conduct research on a California Mission of their choice using the sources below. Any source that is used (books or websites or pictures) will need to be cited in the bibliography. Students should record (either on paper or in a document) the ISBN or Name and Author of any books used and the URL of any website or any picture used.

Create Bibliography:
Students will create a Bibliography for their research using EasyBib EDU and a document they have used for research that includes the ISBN (or full name of the book) for any books used and the URL for any links used for written research and pictures. The following tutorials will show how to create the various citations that may be needed.

It is common for EasyBib to not be able to find all of the information. Students will need to be "detectives" and look around the site for it. If the Publisher/Sponsor is missing, if you can find the copyright information, the name next to that is usually the Publisher/Sponsor. For the Author, if it's not on the page itself, try to find an About Us page or a Contact Us page or a Citations page. If the site has a citations page, students should use the suggested citations to find the Author, which is the first thing in the citation with last name first. Citations should always have at least one of the Publisher/Sponsor or Contributors/Authors, if both cannot be found. Some pages will not have a date they were last edited. If they have a copyright year or range of years that can be entered in the Last Edited year.

The tutorials say that the EasyBib information should be completed in one sitting because they won't be saved but this is no longer the case because we now have school accounts for EasyBib. Students will need to login to EasyBib with their Username (which starts out stm2021 followed by 2 additional numbers - students will not use their email address) and password in order to create citations for more than one resource and to save their work.
Websites That May Be Used:
Research Sources:
Sources for Pictures:

Technology Skills Learned:
  • How to conduct online research
  • How to use EasyBib to create a bibliography/works cited page

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