Kindergarten Technology

October 18th:

October 13th:

October 11th:

  • Whole Class: ABC Mouse
    • How to set up your avatar
    • How to use the Learning Path
  • ABC Mouse

October 6th:

  • Whole Class: Introduction to Seesaw
    • How to sign in
    • How to add a post for your self-portrait
  • Finish your self-portrait, if not done
  • Sign in to Seesaw & add a post for your self-portrait
  • Starfall ABCs

September 27th & October 4th:

  • Whole Class: How to use Starfall ABCs
  • Whole Class: Tux Paint Reminders
    • How to open your portrait
    • How to use paint brush, shapes, lines, fill bucket
  • Complete your OREO Slide, if not done
  • Finish your self-portrait in Tux Paint
  • Starfall ABCs

September 22nd:

  • Whole Class: Let's look at our OREO Results:
    • What DATA did we collect?
    • Who thought they could stack the most?
    • Who thought they would stack the least?
    • Who did stack the most?
  • Whole Class: How to complete your OREO Slide
  • Complete your OREO Slide
  • Finish your self-portrait

September 20th:

  • Whole Class: OREO Project
    • OREO Wonderfilled Anthem
    • What's the OREO Project?
    • What are the rules for stacking?
      • Each student will have 2 attempts to create a cookie stack.
      • Students will place one cookie on the paper plate/table cloth and add one cookie at a time to the stack.
      • Students may NOT adjust the cookie after they have placed the cookie on the stack and moved their hand away.
      • Cookies need to be freestanding and NOT leaning against any kind of support or use any kind of adhesion so they stick together.
      • Cookie needs to be a regular cookie and not separated in ANY way.
      • Another student should be tallying as the student stacks.
      • A tumble has occurred once 1 or more cookies have tumbled off the stack. The complete stack DOES not need to completely tumble for it to be called a tumble.
  • How many do you think you can stack? Add this to our OREO Project Spreadsheet
  • Let's stack OREOs - outside on Kindergarten tables
  • Record results on our OREO Project Spreadsheet

September 15th:

September 13th:

  • Whole Class: Reminder on how to handle the iPad & get into Tux Paint
  • Use Tux Paint drawing tools: Paintbrush, Fill Bucket, & Eraser
  • Whole Class: Tips on drawing a portrait
  • Draw self-portrait in Tux Paint

September 8th:

  • Whole Class: Parts of the iPad & how to handle it
  • Use Camera App to:
    • Take a selfie!
    • Take a picture of a number.
  • Whole Class: Intro to Tux Paint on iPad
  • Draw self-portrait in Tux Paint