Kindergarten Computers:

April 26th:

  • Whole Class:
  • Work on Butterfly Life Cycle ScratchJr projects
  • ABCMouse - Learning Path

April 7th:

  • Whole Class:
  • Draw an Easter egg picture in Tux Paint

April 5th:

March 29th & 31st:

  • Whole Class:
  • Make your vehicle drive across the scene

March 22nd:

February 24th - March 15th:

February 22nd:

  • Whole Class: Bugs & Debugging
    • What is a bug?
    • What is debugging?
    • Why is debugging important when coding?
    • When does a programmer debug their code?
    • How does a programmer debug their code?
  • Complete Who Has the Correct Code?
  • Continue in Kodable

February 16th:

February 15th:


February 3rd & 8th:

  • Whole Class: How to complete your Teach Your Monster to Read poster
  • Go to Google Classroom and complete assignment 005
  • Done? ABCMouse - Learning Path

January 4th - February 1st:


December 14th:

  • Whole Class: Introduction to Binary
  • Make Binary Ornaments
  • Christmas Games
sites-uptoten-christmas01.gif sites-uptoten-christmas03.gif sites-uptoten-christmas02.gifsites-starfall-gbman.jpg

site-abcya-christmastreefun.PNGsites-santaletter-gb.jpgsite-abcya-christmastree.PNG site-abcya-christmaswordsearch.PNG

December 9th:

  • Finish Cubetto's First Day
  • Work with Cubetto OR Robot Mouse

December 7th:

  • Whole Class: What is a Robot?
  • Whole Class: Introduction to Cubetto
  • Cubetto's First Day

November 30th:

November 18th:

  • Complete your thankful picture in Tux Paint
  • Go to Google Classroom and add your picture to Our Thankful Book
  • Done? Thanksgiving Games:
sites-starfall-turkey.gif sites-apple4teach-thanks.jpg sites-brainpopjr-thanksgivi.gif sites-thanksgivingcoloring.png

November 16th:

November 9th:

  • Whole Class: Introduction to Leaves on My Tree
    • How to open the picture and add leaves to the tree
    • How to create the graph
    • How to enter the number
  • Go to Google Classroom and work on assignment 003 Leaves on My Tree

November 4th:

  • Whole Class: Review how a tree grows and why leaves change color
  • Whole Class: Review on drawing an autumn tree
  • Finish drawing Autumn Tree in Tux Paint
  • Do one of more of the following, when you are done:

November 2nd:

  • Whole Class: Why do leaves change color?
  • Whole Class: Be a Tree
  • Whole Class: Introduction to Tux Paint & how to draw a tree in Tux Paint
  • Draw an Autumn Tree in Tux Paint

October 28th:

  • Whole Class: Reminders on how to draw with shape tools in Google Slides/Google Drawings
  • Go to Google Classroom and open 002 Jack-o-Lanterns. Use shape tools to "draw" a Jack-o-Lantern. Mark as Done when finished.
  • Halloween Games
sites-abcya-carvepumpkin.png sites-meddybemps-ppuzzle.gif sites-abcya-makepumpkin.png sites-alfyhalloween.jpg sites-shephard-costume.pngsites-pumpkincarve.jpg

October 26th:

  • Whole Class: What is your favorite type of costume? For 2nd Grade survey
  • Whole Class: How to draw with shape tools in Google Slides/Google Drawings
  • Go to Google Classroom and open 002 Jack-o-Lanterns. Use shape tools to "draw" a Jack-o-Lantern

October 21st:

  • Talk about/see photos from Spaghetti/Marshmallow Challenge

October 19th:

October 14th:


October 12th:

  • Go to Google Classroom and open 001 My Pumpkin Book. Complete Pumpkin Glyph slide together.

October 7th:

October 5th:

  • Whole Class: Read the book "Pumpkins in Fall"
  • Whole Class: Hints on drawing a Jack-o-Lantern in Tux Paint
  • Draw a Jack-o-Lantern in Tux Paint

September 28th & 30th:

September 23rd:

  • Whole Class: Introduction to My First Clicks
  • Whole Class: Reminders on how to use Tux Paint to create your self-portrait
  • Finish your self-portrait in Tux Paint, if not done
  • My First Clicks

September 21st:

  • Whole Class: How to draw a portrait in Tux Paint
  • Draw a self-portrait in Tux Paint

September 16th:

  • Whole Class: How to use Quiver App
  • Sign your dots!
  • Make your dots 3D with Quiver App
  • Dot Games:

September 14th:

  • Whole Class: International Dot Day
  • Whole Class: Tools to use in Tux Paint - Paintbrush, Fill Bucket
  • Draw your Dot picture

September 9th:

  • Whole Class: Review how to hold and use a mouse
  • Mouse Practice:

September 7th:

  • Whole Class:
    • Review Class Rules
    • Demonstrate and practice how to hold a mouse and move & click it
    • Assign Seats & show how to use headphones
  • Practice Using the Mouse in Tux Paint