4th Grade Technology

October 11th - 19th:

  • Whole Class: How to save your portrait as a PNG when done in Pinta
  • Continue working on your self-portrait - see October 4th & 5th for more details and link to tutorials

October 4th & 5th:

  • Whole Class: Introduction to Pinta
  • Self-portrait in Pinta: Video Tutorials (these are for guidance & if you would rather draw something in your own way, of course, you can)
    • Save your self-portrait as 4th-YourName-Portrait in the Pictures folder
    • Open & copy template and then copy & paste it into a new image in Pinta
    • Draw the outline of your head, neck & shoulders on a new layer - do NOT fill in with skin color, yet!
    • Add a new layer to draw each of your features; you can duplicate a layer to create a similar feature. To get an idea of where each feature should be, check this out.
    • When you are done, delete the template layer and add your skin color to your outline layer.
    • Here's how the drawing on the original template turned out.
    • To save layers, save as .ORA file type.

September 27th & 28th:

  • Whole Class: Let's enter, create a column chart and look at our OREO Results:
    • What DATA did we collect?
    • Who thought they could stack the most?
    • Who thought they would stack the least?
    • How many people did better on their first try than on their second try? How many did better on their second try?
    • How many people stacked more than they thought they would on their best try? How many stacked less than they thought they would on their best try? Did anyone stack the exact amount they predicted they would on their best try?
  • Whole Class: How to complete your OREO Slide
  • Complete your OREO Slide
  • Lessons in Typing Club

September 21st:

  • Whole Class: OREO Project
    • What's the OREO Project?
    • What are the rules for stacking?
      • Each student will have 2 attempts to create a cookie stack.
      • Students will place one cookie on the paper plate/table cloth and add one cookie at a time to the stack.
      • Students may NOT adjust the cookie after they have placed the cookie on the stack and moved their hand away.
      • Cookies need to be freestanding and NOT leaning against any kind of support or use any kind of adhesion so they stick together.
      • Cookie needs to be a regular cookie and not separated in ANY way.
      • Another student should be tallying as the student stacks.
      • A tumble has occurred once 1 or more cookies have tumbled off the stack. The complete stack DOES not need to completely tumble for it to be called a tumble.
  • How many do you think you can stack? Add this to our OREO Project Spreadsheet
  • Let's stack OREOs - outside on Kindergarten tables
  • Record results on our OREO Project Spreadsheet

September 20th:

  • Whole Class: Reminders on how to create password
    • Create a password phrase or sentence and make your password from that
    • At least 10 characters (no more than 20 characters)
    • Upper & lower case letters and numbers
    • Can (and probably should) contain symbols
  • Test Your Password - if it can be cracked in hours, make it stronger!
  • Complete What's Your Password Power Form
  • Done? How far can you get in Dance Mat Typing?

September 14th:

September 7th & 13th:

  • Whole Class: Review what we are doing today
  • Complete the Student Technology Survey
  • Complete the Start of the Year Keyboarding Speed Tests
    • Find your sheet and enter your name (First Name ONLY!) in cell A1
    • Click on the Test Name & select the link
    • Do NOT change the settings on the test
    • When the test is done, you will see a message that says "Your typing speed was xx words per minute with xx errors. Your calculated speed is: xx words per minute." Take note of the CALCULATED speed. That is what you will record on the spreadsheet.
    • Take the test twice. Do NOT answer the "Do you want to place your calculated wpm speed on the scoreboard? Instead, use the Reload icon on your browser to reload the test after you have noted your calculated speed.
    • Record the best of your two calculated speeds from the test on your Keyboarding Speed Tests spreadsheet in the Start of the Year column.
  • Done? How far can you get in Dance Mat Typing?
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