Techno Star Scrapbook

We hope that you enjoy seeing the results of our Techno Star Missions this year in the Computer Lab. Check out the results from World Math Day and World Spelling Day and then select a class scrapbook to see some of our completed projects.

Countries We Competed Against on World Math Day

View World Math Day 2011 in a larger map
World Math Day Overall Statistics:
  • 191 Nations represented
  • 32,513 Schools participated
  • 1,180,272 Students participated
  • 428,598,214 Questions correctly answered
World Math Day St. Martin's Statistics:
  • 7 Classes represented (2nd-8th)
  • 57 Students participated
  • 16,200 Questions correctly answered
  • Over 30% Speed Improvement
Countries We Competed Against on World Spelling Day

View World Spelling Day 2011 in a larger map
World Spelling Day Overall Statistics:
  • 52,342,848 Questions answered correctly
World Spelling Day St. Martin's Statistics:
  • 5 Classes represented (2nd-6th)
  • 31 Students participated
  • 5,001 Questions answered correctly
  • Over 20% Improvement in Spelling Speed

Scrapbooks by Grade: