4th Grade:

Join 4th Grade on their adventures in the Cyber Jungle during the 2009-2010 school year.

Earth Day:

Voices of the World

Again this year, 4th grade is participating in the Voices of the World project. Voices of the World was created in June 2007 by Mrs. Tonner, a former ICT Specialist at The High School of Dundee in Scotland, United Kingdom. The project was started to connect children in Europe using their voice and their own language. Since the project started in 2007, children from around the world have Let Their Voice Be Heard.

February 2010

The background on our Voki is a picture of our school and since our school mascot is a Bulldog that's the character we chose.
Check out the VOTW Map & click on the markers to see & hear the other Vokis!

March 2010

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