How Tall is a St. Martin's 1st Grader?

1st Grade will be exploring various aspects of height and measuring in conjunction with the on-line collaborative project, How Tall Is A First Grader? The purpose of this project is to collaborate with other first grade classrooms, learn math, reading, and writing skills, find out about each other, and have some fun.

An introduction to the project:

  • Where in the world are the classes that are participating in this project? Let's found out!

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Clifford: Measuring Up
Curious George: How Tall

Fall Measurements:
St. Martin's 1st Graders were measured the first week of November. We have a TALL class this year:

How do we compare to the other 1st Graders in the project?

Spring Measurements:
St. Martin's 1st Graders were re-measured the second week of April 2010. Did we grow? Yes, we did!

How about the other 1st Graders in the How Tall project? Did they grow too?

Spring Activities:
Each 1st Grader also drew a picture of themselves compared to something the same height as they are or that is taller than they are or shorter than they are. They also wrote a sentence about what they drew and then they recorded their sentences in a VoiceThread:

After completing their pictures, 1st Grade played some measuring games: